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Sweet Potato and Red Pepper Soup
6 HRS AGO - Sweet potato and red pepper soup is the perfect lunch or dinner recipe! This thick, creamy soup is Expand
Full-Spectrum Strong: Army Ranger Workout
5 DAYS AGO - Get the workout that whips Army Rangers, one of the most elite military forces, into fighting Expand
Spartan Trifecta World Championships 2019 Weekend Recap
7 DAYS AGO - Ever wonder what it would be like to race pretty much nonstop for an entire weekend? OCR athletes Expand
Army Vet Turned OCR Powerhouse Robert Killian Lives for a Challenge
11/9/2019 - We sat down with the elite racer to discuss his passion for OCRs and some pro tips.
Simon Chang on Why Powerlifting Lifestyle Is a Marathon, Not a Sprint
11/8/2019 - The 24-year-old, 165-pound powerlifter explains how he progressed from barely lifting the bar to Expand
John Cena to Match up to $1M in Donations to FitOps Foundation
11/7/2019 - The 16-time WWE champion has made it clear that he's committed to helping military veterans.
Olympia 202 Legend Kevin English's Arm-Blasting Routine
11/7/2019 - Get the veteran bodybuilder's pointers for building formidable bis and tris.
5 Training Mistakes That Are Sabotaging Your Progress
11/6/2019 - Think you're doing everything right? Discover the training mistakes that are hindering your Expand
What I Learned From Taking a Rowing Bootcamp Class
11/2/2019 - Row your way to greater strength and power at one of NYC's top rowing boutiques.
7 Rules of Being a Great Workout Partner
3 DAYS AGO - A spotter can be your most valuable asset in the gym. Here are some key traits that make for a Expand
I Want to Look More Muscular. What's the Best Way to Make Gains?
6 DAYS AGO - The biggest, most muscular people in the world have a secret -- and it's not performance enhancing Expand
Why Ryan Atkins is One of the Best OCR Racers Alive
11/8/2019 - This Spartan powerhouse isn't one to back down from a challenge.
Day 1 at the Spartan Trifecta World Championships
11/7/2019 - M&F's' chief content officer, Zack Zeigler, puts his grit to the ultimate test in Sparta, Greece.
Ditch the Bench Press and Back Squat, Says Jason Glass
11/7/2019 - Here's how this coach is helping pro athletes find new ways to train.
Bradley Martyn Talks Train, Reign, and What it Takes to be a Social
11/7/2019 - We sit down with the Instagram star to get the lowdown on how he builds creative social media Expand
How to Use Giant Sets in Your Workouts to Make Huge Gains
11/2/2019 - Use an old-school training technique to boost muscle size with this 8-week program.
The Bench Press Program to Add 20 Pounds to Your Max in 10 Weeks
10/27/2019 - Unleash your inner benching beast with this workout plan.
Army Strong: Ultimate Warrior Workout
4 DAYS AGO - Former Green Beret Tim Kennedy talks military life, training, nutrition, and what it takes to make Expand
Rob Van Dam on Concussions: “I Stopped Counting at 500”
6 DAYS AGO - The wrestling legend tells Reps how he keeps wrestling despite countless injuries.
Ryan Atkins Talks $1Million Prize & Spartan Ultra World Championship
11/9/2019 - Elite OCR athlete Ryan Atkins takes on the 2019 Spartan Ultra in Sparta, Greece.
6 Things You Should Know About Tommie Copper
11/8/2019 - Improve your performance and recovery with top of the line compression gear.
Get the November 2019 Issue of 'Muscle & Fitness
11/7/2019 - Survive the holiday season with these workout and nutrition tips.
How Mandy Rose Went From a Bikini Competitor to a WWE Superstar
11/7/2019 - Find out how she transitioned from being the 2014 WBFF Bikini World Champ to the WWE.
How James Grage Survived, and Recovered From, a 150 MPH Car Crash
11/7/2019 - We sit down with the fitness industry leader about his near-death experience.
7 Mass-Building Tips from a Pro Strongman and Bodybuilder
11/2/2019 - One of the world’s strongest men gives his candid take on tactics to add mass.
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